A thin client processing server specialized in transportation payment and authentication
securely processes multiple intensive transactions.

A thin client server specialized in payment authentication for transportation related services.

Our server product processes reams of transaction including high-speed and high-security payment and authentication processes occur simultaneously in transportation use between a credit card and the server in real-time. The server-side encryption feature allows not just reducing the management cost of card readers installed at station gates but also facilitate the maintenance of security.

SAM developed by Quadrac is to process a massive task at high speed.

We have developed our original SAM chip which is exclusive for server use. It enables high-speed authentication and settlement processes without having to switch market prepaid transportation IC cards or change customer’s usability.

Examples of Implementation

Okinawa Urban Monorail, Inc.

Q-CORE was implemented into the transportation ticketing systems of Okinawa Urban Monorail and started operating on March 10, 2020. This is the first example of use of interoperable IC transit cards including “Suica”* at station gates on a thin client system.
* “Suica” is a trademark of East Japan Railway Company.