All you need to do is place your credit card.
A new transportation payment service makes using public transportation more convenient.

A new style of transportation payment service that enables a payment to be completed just by placing a credit card or smart phone application.

Pay quicker and smoother. With our new payment service, you can just place your credit card (contactless) to pay for your transportation. It allows you to choose from a variety of payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and QR code via smart phones depending on where and what to use for.

A scalable, high-speed and high-security
transportation settlement and authentication center operated by us.

The “Q-move” settlement and authentication center operated by us connects transportation fees calculated with the data gathered through card readers that credit cards were placed with credit card settlements. In addition, a web service where users can view their boarding histories will be provided. Our transportation company clients will have access to our high-speed and high-security settlement and authentication center specialized in transportation settlements regardless of the current implementation status of supported card readers.

Examples of Implementation

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.【verification tests at ticket gates at 16 stations】

A total of 32 automatic ticket gates in 16 different stations have been equipped with card readers at Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. to conduct a test to verify that customers can pay section fares using the Visa contactless payment system for the first time in Japan. Another purpose of the test is to verify that the system can scan QR codes and admit customers that purchased the Nankai Digital Tickets from their website prior to the travel.
(Planned schedule: April 3rd – December 12th 2021)
→For more details : http://www.nankai.co.jp/contents/visa-transportation/

Keifuku Bus Co., Ltd.

In March 2021, the Visa contactless payment system was introduced into buses for the first time in the Hokuriku area. Since then, it has been in use on the connecting buses to Komatsu Airport as well as several sightseeing bus lines.
→For more details : https://bus.keifuku.co.jp/index.shtml

Daiwa Bussan Corp.【PoC of MaaS app in Kobe City】

A test was conducted in Kita-ku, Kobe city between January and June 2021 to verify that customers can book their travels and use public transportation by utilizing a MaaS app/QR codes. Also, the test was conducted on buses to confirm that the system can authenticate the bus tickets purchased at boarding.
(Conducted between January and August 2021)

Hokuto Kotsu Inc.

In April 2021, the Visa contactless payment system was introduced into public transportation for the first time in Hokkaido. The service is available on buses bound for Shin-chitose Airport and Okadama Airport from the city of Sapporo.
This service assists both domestic customers and foreign tourists visiting Sapporo. Not only does it make it easier for them to pay and use these buses, but also it means that they can now use Visa seamlessly for shopping, day-to-day activities, and traveling.
→For more details : https://www.hokto.co.jp/

WILLER TRAINS, Inc.(Kyoto Tango Railway)

In 2020, two types of cashless payment services were introduced at Kyoto Tango Railway, operated by WILLER TRAINS, Inc.
Since February 2020, customers can use the MaaS app and QR codes to pay their travel fares based on the distance. In November 2020, the Visa contactless payment system was introduced into their railway service to improve the customer experience; customers can now pay their travel fares based on distance using this service for the first time in Japan.
→For more details : https://trains.willer.co.jp/guide/pay-with-visa/